Curious George Bedding

Growing up everyone has favorite books that remind them of a simpler time. The type of story that makes you smile not matter how bad your day was. One of the best children’s characters of all time is Curious George. His silly antics made children for over 50 years. With a new line of toys and cartoons, he’s more popular than ever. Share your love of Curious George with your new baby. Curious George baby bedding is available at many stores for cribs and toddler beds. Choose from designs with the classic Curious George print or a modern version of the monkey as seen on PBS’ cartoon or the major motion pictures.

The material varies based on if you want a comforter, flannel or quilted blanket. Each type of Curious George baby bedding includes images of your favorite, playful monkey while other characters like The Man in the Yellow Hat are also featured. Some lines of Curious George baby bedding offer scenes from specific books and can be mixed and match with various pillow cases, sheets and blankets.

You can find bedding that matches the entire theme of your baby’s nursery, complete with clothing and toys with the mischief maker on them. Don’t forget to pick up a treasury or collection of Curious George stories to show your child exactly what magic he brings to your life.